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Tangwood FAQ

Find the answers to the most commonly asked questions below. Click on the links to be taken to the explanation.

Playing Quizzes
Play counts.
As quizzes accumulate plays they earn different coloured stars for passing certain milestones. The play count is determined by unique plays. Each computer on the internet has an IP address to identify it (people on the same network will normally share that IP address). When someone plays a quiz, our site remembers that IP address for a certain amount of time. If the same quiz is played using the same IP address within that time period then the second and subsequent plays in that time period are not counted. This is to give a fair reflection on plays for the creator of the quiz and it helps to combat artificially inflating play counts.
Custom quiz options.
You may notice that some quizzes allow you to review answers that were incorrect and some quizzes have a time limit. In fact there are many ways in which quizzes can appear to differ. These are options selected by the creators of the quizzes and can differ from quiz to quiz. There is no other reason for this other than the will of the creator.
Advertising on Tangwood.com.
Tangwood.com is a site that is totally free for just about anybody to create and play quizzes. We believe in free resources online and would like to keep it that way. Unfortunately, it's not free to host any serious undertaking online. In fact the bigger the site, the more it costs, and that has to be paid for. Make no mistake, Tangwood.com is a commercial site and is aimed at profit making. However we would rather the cost of the site not be paid for by the users and members. The only way to achieve this is to sell advertising space on the site.
Creating Quizzes
Limitations in creating quizzes.
Whilst the amount of quizzes that you can create on Tangwood.com is unlimited. There are limits in place to throttle what a member can achieve in a 24 hour period. There are limitations on the amount of quizzes you can create, the amount of times a quiz can be submitted for review and the amount of pictures that can be uploaded. There is also an overall limit on the amount of pictures, picture lists and quiz lists. Tangwood.com is a growing site and these limits help to protect the available resources we have to administer the site from malicious behaviour, which results in a better and more consistent service for our users and members. As the site grows, the limits will increase until hopefully, one day, we can do away with limitations altogether.
Amount of questions.
There is one limitation that is in place on a reward basis and is determined by the amount of quizzes the member already has live, and that is the amount of questions that you are allowed to create for each quiz. Simply put, the more quizzes you have live, the more questions you will be able to create for each quiz. These figures refer to quizzes that are live, not quizzes that were once live but now deleted. If you have a quiz in the development process (not yet made live) with a certain amount of questions and then you delete a number of live quizzes that takes the allowed number of questions below that specified in the development quiz, then you will be able to continue developing that quiz with the selected amount of questions, but you will only be able to modify the amount down. If you do this, you will not be allowed to modify it back up again until you pass the live threshold again. See the Information page for details on this.
The manual vetting procedure.
Tangwood.com is a site designed for all ages and because we allow content to be created by the public, we have to have some kind of system in place in order to ensure that that content is suitable for our target audience. Our way of dealing with this is to manually vet quizzes before they are allowed to go live. We do not vet for spelling mistakes or the accuracy of you questions and answers. Our main purpose for vetting is to filter out rude and inappropriate language or any content that might be considered grossly offensive. The only parts of a quiz that are vetted are the text and custom images used in quizzes. If you make changes to a quiz that is already live and those changes are not to text or custom images then the quiz will automatically go live without going through the vetting process and will not count toward your daily submission limit.
Personal details.
Tangwood.com does not currently retain any personal information other than a name and the email address you provide when you join. We need this address as a security measure when opening an account. It helps us to prevent maicious attempts at creating an inordinate amount of accounts by currently limiting to one account per email address (this many change in the future). We can use this email address to notify you of quiz approvals/rejections and of any technical or policy changes. There is an option in your settings to receive emails from us on behalf of third parties. However we do not share your email address with third parties. Instead we send you emails on their behalf. If you feel uncomfortable with this, you can untick the option in your control centre and you will not receive these emails.